Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New business name, new blog new FB page

It's time for a change!

For several reasons it's better to change my business name.
That's fine, because I am changing my doll making a bit, as well.

You might have noticed already,
my webshop has a more soft and friendly look, it has more sections and it is in English and Dutch.

It is my plan to give the dolls the more simple appearance, they had in the past.
 There will be more clothes, seperately, available.
I am going to make accesoiries of woolfelt.
Also more small cuddle dolls.


New business name:

    New blog!

Pilou is the French name for a soft fabric, a kind of flannel, and the French call a childs snuggle cloth "Pilou", as well.  (and  it's the name of our cat ;-))

Monday, March 30, 2015

Welcome to the nursery

Les Petites Bébés,
The Lovely Caramel baby is reserved, but.....
The girls are 10'' tall and will bring a lot with them:
2 diapers
wipes in a nice etui
a good quality wooden high chair
and matching wooden crib
matras, sheet and handknit (alpaca) blanket
and a Liberty canopy.

Monday, March 23, 2015


 Jane is a different kind of doll. She has a sculpted face, little ears ......

 and button jointed legs, so, she can stand and sit by herself. 
Her tunique is a new design, also. She can fill her huge pocket with all her findings.
I have bought the black mary janes ;-)